Ofsted Report 2017

AMP SCITT was inspected in June and November 2017 and the results show that AMP SCITT is held in high regard by local Headteachers as they recognise the high quality training and many employ new AMP SCITT teachers. It is also evident that the SCITT is building on strengths and improving rapidly.

Established in 2015, with lead school Deyes High School, as part of the Lydiate Learning Trust, AMP SCITT, at the point of inspection, had trained over 77 new teachers for primary and secondary schools and all areas of training were highly commended by Ofsted. In a report full of praise there are many stand-out comments. The most important for those considering teaching as a future career and looking for a suitable training provider are those Ofsted comments based on the high quality of the training and the high employment rates of those who receive the expert personalised guidance and training on offer at AMP.

“Our vision is to empower future teachers and we are extremely proud that this report has recognised our commitment to teacher training in order to supply highly skilled teachers for the North West area. Our rigorous recruitment results in 100% completion and 100% employment rates does mean that any new recruits feel secure in knowing they are joining a training course that will ensure success in the teaching profession.” Pauline Treanor


“Delighted that Ofsted has recognised the training provided by AMP SCITT is good quality and prepares trainees and NQTs to teach well. Our strong partnerships and the way we engage in genuine collaboration is a real strength of AMP SCITT. We are passionate about improving outcomes for all children and young people by ensuring our schools have the very best teachers and ongoing high quality training available to them.” Alison Brady

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AMP SCITT Ofsted Report 2017

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