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Why train with us?

Our past trainees agree that being trained by current practising teachers, recognised for excellence in their subject areas is the best introduction to the teaching profession. Our new teachers begin their careers with confidence in their knowledge and skills feeling empowered to lead learning in their own classroom. We have a strong partnership of local schools and their teachers willingly dedicate their time and expertise to support our developing teachers.

What is a SCITT?

School Centered Initial Teacher Training is a teacher training provider accredited by the DFE to deliver and assess QTS/PGCE programmes. A SCITT provider has the advantage of being based in a school setting and therefore responsive to changes in school life.

What does the course involve?

Our programme has 3 distinct strands

  • Centre based training- these are our professional studies training days held at our Training Centre to cover the skills and knowledge a teacher requires. Additionally, this learning is enhanced by the Research Informed Teacher programme delivered at our Training Centre by colleagues from Liverpool Hope University to support your work on 2 written assignments leading to 60 masters credits.
  • Subject based training- a series of subject specific pedagogy delivered by an expert practitioner from our partnership.
  • School based training- up to 150 days provided in 2 school settings consisting of observation, planning, teaching and reflective discussion to support your development as a teacher.


What qualifications will I gain?


What are the benefits of school led training?

As a small provider we can personalise your journey to become an excellent teacher. Our programme is led by experienced teachers who are still delivering an engaging and challenging curriculum. You start your programme in your placement on day 1 of the new academic year, seeing how experienced teacher establish those important routines for an effective classroom. You become immersed in the life of school and are seen as a valuable member of the team.

How much does it cost?

Course fees are £9250

What qualifications do I need?

An honours degree, GCSE Grade C/4 in English and Maths (plus Science for Primary)

Can I choose what school I am placed in?

We ask our trainees are willing to travel to all schools within the partnership however we do consider journey times and personal circumstances when arranging placements.

How do I know if there are places available?

We update availability regularly on the Find website. https://www.gov.uk/find-postgraduate-teacher-training-courses

I am a career changer, I am worried my subject knowledge is rusty - how can AMP SCITT help?

We offer personalised pre-course guidance for individuals along with SKE programmes in selected subjects. Newly recruited trainees receive a monthly newsletter signposting them to helpful websites.

How long does the training last?

Your first day in school is the first day of term. Your first 2 centre based training days happen at the end of August. Our programme finishes the first week in July allowing individuals time to visit their employing school.




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