What is a SCITT?

SCITT is a School Centred Initial Teacher Training, a school led teacher training route.

Associated Merseyside Partnership SCITT has been given Department for Education approval to plan, deliver and assess teacher training courses for primary and secondary teachers.

AMP SCITT provides practical, hands-on training delivered by experienced, practising teachers, based within Partnership schools. The SCITT course covers an academic year, from September to July with induction events in the summer months. Successful completion results in trainees being awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a PGCE qualification.

Our high quality training ensures that our Trainees are supported to secure their first teaching post and have a flying start to their teaching career.

What does a SCITT Teaching Course involve?

To become a qualified teacher, you need to successfully complete teacher training. By doing so, you’ll achieve ‘qualified teacher status’ – or QTS.

Our teacher training course includes:

  • 36 weeks in at least two schools to give you classroom experience. This equates to an extra half term of teaching ensuring AMP SCITT Trainees are well prepared for their ECT year
  • academic study to give you the knowledge and understanding to teach successfully
  • ongoing assessment of your teaching skills (through being observed teaching classes).

What will I learn?

By the end of a teacher training course you should:

  • know and understand how to deliver National Curriculum in your chosen subject(s) and/or age group
  • be able to plan, prepare and deliver lessons
  • have confidence to create a positive learning environment, by knowing how to promote good behaviour and minimise disruption
  • know how to adapt teaching to meet all pupils' needs
  • be able to assess pupils' learning effectively
  • demonstrate the behaviours expected by the teaching profession

What is School-led Training?

If you want your training to be based at a school where you can be fully immersed in the life of a teacher from day one, a school-led training course is for you. After our selection process we will identify the school in our partnership that best suits your needs in order to develop your personalised programme of development.

Across the country there are school-led training options for both graduates and career changers who want hands-on training in a school.

Why choose us?

With a wide range of partner schools, AMP SCITT is an increasingly popular choice for those who hope to secure a teaching post in the network of schools where they are training.

We offer practical, hands-on training and education based in schools across the Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area. You will receive a QTS accredited by AMP SCITT, whilst the PGCE (60 Masters credits) will be delivered at our Training Centre by Liverpool Hope University.

All of our training is delivered by experienced, practising teachers, based in schools in our partnership. Courses are a year long from September to July.

W​e operate under four provider codes:
2​5F Associated Merseyside Partnership SCITT
1​CD with Deyes High as the lead school
2​F5 with Hudson Primary as the lead school
2​F6 with Green Park Primary as the lead school.

A​MP SCITT is the accredited provider for all the courses above.


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