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Who we are looking for

We are looking for ambitious trainees who have the drive, enthusiasm and passion for their subject to work successfully with students of all abilities in the secondary age range. If a career in teaching is one of your long term goals or if your experience of working with young people has sparked an interest and desire to become a teacher, then we’d like to hear from you.

It is very important that teachers have a very good understanding of their specialist subject and relevant experience, but it is just as important that teachers have personal attributes that will help them to relate to young people and enable them to communicate effectively: appropriate ICT and interpersonal skills with an awareness of teaching and educational issues is expected for a successful candidate. An enthusiasm for your subject is essential.

Classroom experience is not an entry requirement however if you would like to visit a school click here to view the School Experience Programme for opportunities.

In return we can offer the right candidate the chance to be creative and innovative, and offer excellent progression and professional development opportunities. We will support you all the way. We look forward to receiving your application, via UCAS, and meeting you in person, however you can register your interest by emailing:



Essential Qualifications

Associated Merseyside Partnership (AMP) SCITT requires all candidates to have or be expecting to gain a good degree equivalent to a United Kingdom Higher Education Institution of 2.2 or above. Applicants must be a graduate with a minimum of a 2.2 degree with at least 50% content in the subject they are choosing to teach. Although applicants with a 2.1 or 1st will be seen as more desirable, graduates with a 2.2 degree classification will be considered if they are able to demonstrate a real aptitude for teaching.

For primary teaching applicants can apply from any degree subject discipline; however applicants are required to demonstrate within their personal statement and at interview how the skills, knowledge and understanding developed within the degree are applicable to primary teaching.
GCSE English Language, Mathematics and Science at Grade C/Grade 5 or above.

All applicants for secondary need to have passed or be expecting to pass before the commencement of the programme a GCSE English Language and Mathematics at grade C/5 or above.

All applicants are required to have 2 good A levels or equivalent qualification(s).  Applicants are required to demonstrate within their personal statement and at interview how the skills, knowledge and understanding from further education are applicable to their course choice. Applicants who are specialising in a subject should be able to evidence that at least 50% of their degree is relevant to their chosen specialism.

All teachers are expected to be competent in Fundamental English and mathematics. By the end of ITT all trainees must be able to demonstrate competence in the following areas:

Speaking, listening and communicating are fundamental to a teacher’s role. Teachers should use standard English grammar, clear pronunciation and vocabulary relevant to the situation to convey instructions, questions, information, concepts and ideas with clarity. Teachers should read fluently and with good understanding.

Writing by teachers will be seen by colleagues, pupils and parents and, as such, it is important that a teacher’s writing reflects the high standards of accuracy their professional role demands. They should write clearly, accurately, legibly and coherently using correct spelling and punctuation.

Teachers should use data and graphs to interpret information, identify patterns and trends and draw appropriate conclusions. They need to interpret pupil data and understand statistics and graphs in the news, academic reports and relevant papers.

Teachers should be able to complete mathematical calculations fluently with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. They should be able to solve mathematical problems using a variety of methods and approaches including: estimating and rounding, sense checking answers, breaking down problems into simpler steps and explaining and justifying answers using appropriate language. And this will be assessed at interview


Selection Process

Currently, our interview process has been adapted to an online process whilst COVID safe working is in place in schools.
The initial stage is via your application, qualifications and personal statement. If you are successful, you will be invited to interview hosted at our AMP SCITT training hub or one of our partner schools. Once you have confirmed your attendance, we will send you a detailed interview booklet highlighting in detail your interview tasks and guidance.

The interview process may include the following:

  1. Tour of the School
  2. Opportunity to ask questions/obtain further information
  3. An opportunity to work with students in a classroom
  4. A subject knowledge interview with a subject specialist
  5. A prepared presentation
  6. Group Activity

Based upon the activities listed above, shortlisting may occur and interviews will take place in the afternoon for the successful candidates.


Our Recruitment Manager's top tips for Applications

Your application is the first insight we have about you and your passion to shaping the lives of future generations. Below are my top three tips to being a successful applicant:

1. Allow your passion for your subject to shine through - your personal statement should reflect you and your personality, we read every word so make sure it is clear why you want to teach your subject.

2. Provide a comprehensive work history - not just experience that is relevant to teaching. Many jobs have transferable skills and it is important for us to know all the experiences that have led you to wanting to become a teacher.

3. Speak to your referees - make them aware that you are submitting an application and they will shortly be receiving a request for this. Most applications are held up due to the waiting time for receiving a reference!


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