AMP SCITT celebrates reaccreditation

In 2021, the government announced that all initial teacher training (ITT) providers would have to apply for re-accreditation to continue providing training from 2024.

Earlier this year, AMP SCITT received reaccreditation in the first round, one of only 80 successful providers out of 216 applicants.


Alison Brady, Head of SCITT, commented: “We’re delighted to achieve reaccreditation and be recognised for the excellent quality initial teacher training that we offer. We’re a growing provider and are keen to work with new schools and organisations.” Schools minister Robin Walker said: “The accredited providers met the high standard. Together, we can continue to develop and grow teacher training and level up education for all”.

All providers will need to meet new challenging criteria which includes training teachers who support trainees in school, the length of course and number of days on school placement, at least six weeks at an 80% timetable and the introduction of four new Intensive Training and Practice weeks.

The team is excited about these changes and well ahead of the planning process with aspects already being piloted this year.

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