The AMP SCITT Governance Committee is a sub-committee of the LLT Board. Please click here for further information.

If you have any questions relating to the SCITT Governance Committee or Governance, please contact Deborah Moss, MSc, MCIPD, Senior Governance Professional, Lydiate Learning Trust
Email:, Telephone: 07853 140551

Terms of Reference

AMP SCITT Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2023

Terms of Office

AMP SCITT Governance Committee Terms of Office October 2023

Declarations of Interest

Trust Declarations of Interest 2023

AMP SCITT Governance Committee Declarations of Interest 2023-24

Code of Conduct

LLT Code of Conduct


LLT Governance Structure January 2024


A​MP SCITT Governance Committee Attendance Register 2022-23


This page lists agenda detailing the business of the AMP SCITT. Minutes and associated papers are available by contacting Deborah Moss, Senior Governance Professional for Lydiate Learning Trust on email

Please note that minutes and papers will be redacted where appropriate, due to confidential or commercially sensitive matters being reflected.

2​022-23 Governance Committee Agendas

2021-22 Governance Committee Agendas

2020-21 Governance Committee Agendas

2019-20 Governance Committee Agendas


Archived Documents





AMP SCITT Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2020
AMP SCITT Governance Committee Terms of Office 2020
LLT Governance Structure 2021
AMP SCITT Executive Board Attendance Register 2020-21


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