Dr. Catherine Perkins

AMP SCITT Graduate: 2014

Job title: Head of Science, Wirral Girls Grammar School

I started my teacher training at Deyes High School in September 2013. One benefit of the course was being in school from the first day of the academic year, gaining an immediate insight into what teaching involves and attending Inset days with the whole teaching staff, followed by meeting the pupils in my classes in their first lesson.

The incredible support from teaching staff both within and outside of the faculty was continued throughout the year. There were often opportunities to engage with other trainee teachers alongside more experienced members of staff from other departments in classroom based research and peer observations, which had a big impact on professional development, especially in behaviour management and teaching and learning.


During my teaching training year I was offered the opportunity to take part in classroom-based research with CUREE, with a focus of stretch and challenge of the more able; the research was published in TES.

The CPD programme, which was delivered by outstanding teachers from Deyes High School and other schools linked to the teacher training programme addressed AfL, assessment, teaching and learning, BfL, SEN, more able and many other topics, which encouraged and promoted constant reflection leading to an improvement in my own practice throughout the academic year.

I would recommend the AMP SCITT programme as learning in a school setting allows for a greater insight into the day to day running of the school day, allows for the formation of closer and more consistent relationships with pupils for the duration of the school year and continued reflection and improvement with the same set of pupils. I secured a job at Deyes High School for my NQT year, during which I was promoted to Head of Chemistry in March 2015.

In 2017, I completed my NPQSL Qualification and now lead Science in Wirral Girls Grammar School.


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