Johanna Benn

AMP SCITT Graduate: 2017

Job role:  Maths Teacher and Deputy Head of House, Warminster School

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and after extensive research found that AMP SCITT was the right programme for me. I was keen to be part of the SCITT Programme as it allowed me to be immersed in the school environment from day one. I relocated from the South of England to Merseyside in order to complete my teacher training year. I was made to feel very welcome, despite being new to the area and settled in extremely well.

The Initial Teacher Training programme gave me the opportunity to train and work in two contrasting schools providing me with experience of a range of challenges both academic and pastoral. Both the schools that I trained in had strong pastoral structures which developed my interest in this side of school life.

After qualifying, I secured a job at Test Valley School where I was responsible for a tutor group and a member of the SLT. I took part in the Middle Leadership Development Programme to pursue a pastoral leadership role.

In September 2018, I was appointed as Second in Mathematics as well as PSHE & Citizenship Coordinator. These were opportunities that I actively sought to broaden my teaching and leadership experience.

I am a keen traveller and have been fortunate enough to have taken part in two foreign residential trips in my NQT year, one educational, one active. Residential trips allow you to build on the fundamental relationships with your students and peers. Teaching has also allowed me to take my enthusiasm for mathematics one step further by attending conferences and workshops throughout the country, with the added benefit of networking with other secondary mathematics teachers.

In 2019, I secured a role at Warminster School as Maths Teacher and Deputy Head of Arnold House. As a Mathematician, I learn by understanding the underlying principles and theory of a problem. What appeals to me most about the subject is that I am able to analyse and discuss why such methods are used and how they are derived. Rather than just being one-dimensional, mathematics needs to be discussed and analysed. I am enthusiastic and excited to put everything I have learnt in mathematics into practice and share my appreciation of the subject with future generations of students.

AMP SCITT was key in building my confidence as well as core knowledge and provided a very supportive and encouraging environment. I am still in touch with members of the AMP SCITT team, teachers from my placement schools and other trainee teachers and am using everything that I learned to drive my teaching career.


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