7 Top Tips for Teacher Training Interviews

If you've applied for teacher training, you’ll probably be invited to an interview. Alison Brady, Head of Associated Merseyside Partnership SCITT, provides seven top tips on on how to prepare successfully.

1. Research the School

Before attending the teacher training interview, it's essential to research the school you will be working for.

Look for information about their mission, values, teaching methodology, and any recent news or events.

This information will help you tailor your responses during the interview and demonstrate that you have done your homework.


2. Practice Your Responses

Take the time to prepare and practice your responses to common interview questions. Think about your experience, skills, and how they relate to the job. Try to anticipate the questions the interviewer may ask and have specific examples ready to illustrate your points.

3. Dress Professionally

It's crucial to dress appropriately for the teacher training interview. Dress in professional attire to demonstrate your respect for the position and the school/institution.

4. C​heck guidance

Many providers issue interview guidance. Read any guidance provided to help you prepare and ensure you remember any requested certificates or documents.

5. Show Your Passion for Teaching

Show your enthusiasm for teaching by discussing your philosophy of education and how you inspire students to learn. Discuss your teaching style and how you engage students to participate in the classroom.

6. Demonstrate Your Flexibility

Be prepared to discuss how you adapt to different classroom situations and how you work with students of varying abilities. Teachers need to be flexible and able to adapt to different teaching styles and learning environments.

7. Ask Questions

Be sure to ask thoughtful questions about the school, the position, and what the interviewer is looking for in a teacher. This shows your interest in the job and your desire to learn more about the school and their expectations.

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