Amy Lilliott, Dance Trainee Teacher

Reflections on my first few months of teaching

I was nervous to start my teaching journey. Prior to working with AMP SCITT I had only taught in local dance schools in my area, so did not have a large amount of school experience.

On the first day at Saint Peters and Pauls, I was welcomed with open arms and immediately felt part of the school community. The staff have been so accommodating and friendly, they made me feel instantly comfortable and at ease. They reassured me that I could talk to them about any issues no matter how big or small.

I was enthusiastic to meet my new classes and students. Nonetheless, I knew the challenges ahead as training in a pandemic has had its highs and lows! In Saints Peter and Pauls, I have made great positive relationships with the students, especially my year ten and eleven classes. I have really enjoyed choreographing their street and jazz dances for this year and working with KS3 in their 1960’s and 1970’s dance styles.

Teaching is the most rewarding job and I love seeing young people enjoy something that I am so passionate about. It is also an amazing feeling to be acknowledged by my home school, being featured on their Facebook page makes all the hard work worthwhile.

During this term I have made great memories, friendships and developed and learnt skills that I never thought I would! I am excited and motivated to start at my new school. The AMP SCITT team have been so supportive and have given me the abilities and confidence that I need to develop in my teaching journey in my away school.

If I was to give any advice to new starting trainees it would be always have an open mind and trust yourself, because you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Amy Lilliott, Trainee Teacher of Dance, December 2021

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